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POSTED Mar 20, 2019

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Nicholas, Counter Network
Nicholas Mar 20, 2019
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at Counter Network

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Counter Network is one of the world’s first widely-available peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange. We are in a unique position to rapidly develop the growing peer-to-peer crypto trading industry while continuing to develop our features that will empower even more users. If you have an adaptive, proactive mentality, and are interested in joining a highly disruptive business at the forefront of the cryptocurrency industry, I encourage you to apply today.

Our mission is to generalise peer-to-peer trading, ensuring a constant level of stability in securing trades and to mitigate risk factors effectively. Today, Counter Network provides a link between the traditional OTC system and Finance 2.0 for individuals and institutions around the world, and we strive to be the easiest and most trusted place to buy, sell and hold crypto.

Counter Network’s country relationships are an integral part of the business in that they reach out to potential customers who are seeking for a robust peer-to-peer crypto trading platform. We are looking to hire established and outstanding leaders who will drive the local development and outreach on a global basis.

Job Description

We are looking for enthusiastic and driven individuals who are experienced in the OTC trading scene in their local community to partner with us towards creating a new point of entry for crypto.

You should possess:

  • A year of experience in OTC trading
  • Establishment/s in local communities (Telegram, WhatApp, WeChat, list goes on.)
  • A small amount of funds to help maintain liquidity for your country on Counter Network

Partners are a vital role in Counter Network’s operation as they help to drive customer acquisition for Counter Network in the local scene. Partners also help to plan and execute marketing campaigns, local payment service partnerships and more.

Salary range

20% Profit from Country

This job has expired

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