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POSTED Sep 28, 2018

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At IOHK, we are at the forefront of cascading disruption. It’s a big mission and one that can only be achieved with the help of the best people in the industry. We are proud of the diversity that our organization already has. Our company is comprised of people from all around the globe, united in a common goal to achieve our aims of scalability, interoperability, and sustainability of complex systems.

Job Description

IOHK is one of the leading companies to work for in the cryptocurrency & blockchain industry.

We are a research and engineering company, but we are also a corporate experiment in the exploration of best practices for a remote and semi-decentralized team setting. Our aim is to implement and explore best-in-class (existing) company processes, methodologies or practices while thinking about how we can improve upon those processes to yield more optimal results particularly in a remote working environment.

People that join our company are given a unique opportunity to dive deep into their specialty and are given the freedom to experiment and grow their role into a & best-in-class division or sub-division.

As a Senior Performance Management Specialist your role plays an important part in IOHK. Your remit will touch every aspect of our business. You will be entrenched in our technology, research and operational divisions. This means you should have a wide variety of interest in every aspects of business operations accompanied by an innate passion for software development particularly in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

IOHK is looking for a non-invasive, seamless performance appraisal and management framework that serves as a support mechanism rather than an impediment on our line managers or our teams. A proposed performance appraisal or ‘enhancement’ system should do just that; empower our teams, focusing on areas that require improvement while also amplifying individual or team level strengths and achievements. A monthly check-in regime is a process we consider important, as it creates a constant stream of communication between team leads or mentors and their team contributors. Your responsibilities will be to assist the HR Director in developing this performance, training and professional development landscape, all areas which are of paramount importance to the success of our business as it touches our most valuable company resource; our unique and world class workforce.

Additional Responsibilities will include;

Job Spec Analysis and Competency Assessment: Managing the identification and implementation of core competencies, core values, skills and key performance measures per role and embedding them into a performance appraisal system. Creating a framework for detailed role definition/job specifications. Defining & iterating core competencies per role (technical and non-technical, soft and hard skills). Devising a grading system from this framework in order to work with teams to build out and create KPIs/OKRs for each division. In this aspect you will work closely with our salary analysts to determine salary ranges per role according to a well-defined and detailed role and competency grading system.

Establishment of a KPI/OKR or S.M.A.R.T Goal Framework: Establishing a program for setting KPI (OKR or S.M.A.R.T goals) across the company. Drafting the relevant questions for team leads and individual teams to determine KPI or OKR selection. Working as well with senior management to establish companywide goals in order to establish cascading goals down to the team and individual levels. Creating a system that takes into account grass-root level participation in defining individual goals that align with team and companywide objectives.

Online Performance System & Internal Training: Working closely with the HR Director and Manager to retrofit a performance management appraisal framework into IOHK’s HRIS Performance management system. Developing and conducting presentations and training to management and staff on the performance appraisal system.

Data analysis: Collecting and collating performance data from teams and individuals. Working closely with the line managers to analyse performance data. Creating performance related reports for key stakeholder analysis (Line managers, HR Director and the Executive team). Assisting the relevant teams on identifying divergence of actual performance versus targeted performance goals and making recommendations on feedback data to Senior level management. Providing ongoing oversight and support to ensure that performance measurements are being used to effectively

Performance Management Meetings: Working with line managers and HR to establish communications and action plan for performance reviews and meetings (review meeting preparation, facilitate and manage performance follow ups)

Corrective Action: Identifying corrective actions measures for any deviations from targeted performance. Creating (performance improvement plans PIPS) and helping line managers implement these performance improvement plans.

Line management training: Working with HR Director and consultants to conduct line management training, including setting up on-line and on-site training in areas such as conflict resolution and general leadership.

Workforce development & Succession planning: Conducting assessments and gap analysis on employee skills and training. Assisting the HR Director to assess various staffing needs to determine methods to address current and future conditions, including retention management, recruitment planning, and career development. Assisting with developing training plans, identifying educational opportunities for employee development. May assist with change management initiatives by conducting readiness assessments, job-impact analysis, and skill and capability assessments.

Hard skills: Plan, organize, and manage multiple projects and tasks simultaneously in a fast-paced environment. Gather, assemble, correlate, evaluate, and complex data. Develop and maintain effective working relationships with staff, management, other organizations, and external customers. Plan, coordinate, and assign the work of others and lead functional workgroups.

Soft Skills: detailed oriented, consistently seeking to learn new technology, works well with teams, strong analytical and problem-solving skills, good interpersonal skills. Works under minimal supervision with considerable latitude for initiative and independent judgment. May plan or coordinate the work of others. Providing direction, guidance, counselling, advice, and recommendations to managers and senior leadership.

Effectively communicating, both orally and written. Principles, tools, and techniques of project management. Critical thinking to identify problems, evaluate alternatives, and recommend effective solutions. Development and use of work simplification methods and statistical procedures. Designing training programs.

Character/Culture fit: focused, highly driven to learn more about our space, comes to the table and the interview with ideas about how we could improve our development cycles. Shows signs that he/she can lead (or be part of a team), takes ownership for his role, exhibits wanting to take responsibility for his role and his actions, shows a clear understanding of how to deal with conflict. We are looking for well-motivated, well-organised candidates who flourish in a remote team

Education: Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. (High School diploma or equivalent and up to four (4) years additional professional human resources generalist experience may substitute for the required education.)

• Five (5) years of professional human resources generalist experience.
• Three (3) years of direct experience developing, implementing or evaluating performance appraisal systems, ideally in the fintech sector.
• Experience developing employee performance measures.
• Experience providing training to managers and/or employees on performance management systems.

Preferred Qualifications:
• Experience developing core competencies and implementing a competency-based performance appraisal system.
• Experience with succession planning and workforce planning initiatives.
• Experience conducting gap analysis.
• Professional in Human Resources (PHR) or Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification.

Knowledge of: Best practices relating to employee performance management. Principles and practices of workforce planning, succession planning and strategic planning.

Salary range

Depends on experience - Come and talk to us!

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