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Privacy protocol implementation (zero-coin/bulletproof)

POSTED May 28, 2018

Callisto Network

RemoteBrussels • 🛠 Engineering • Contractor

About Callisto Network

Callisto Network is a blockchain platform with its own cryptocurrency (CLO) that is based on Ethereum protocol, so any Callisto improvements can be applied to Ethereum Classic.
The key aspects of Callisto are:

Job Description

The Callisto team allocates 6,000,000 CLO for the implementation of one of zero-knowledge privacy protocols:


ZeroCoin protocol

We are willing to hire a developer or a group of developers to implement one of the described protocols at rust-callisto client (a port of Ethereum’s Parity).

Payment will be made in 6 stages and doubled as goals are achieved:

We are open for any proposals ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Salary range

6.000.000 CLO


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