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POSTED May 05, 2018

Hong Kong   🎨 Design / Product   📆 Full-time   ✈️ Paid Relocation   🛂 Visa Sponsor

Han Chang, CoinFi
Han Chang May 05, 2018
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at CoinFi

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CoinFi is a fast-moving cryptocurrency media and software startup looking for a motivated, driven and resourceful Product Manager to join our team in Hong Kong.

We’re building a market intelligence platform, and we cannot succeed without having world-class talent who can help us identify, refine, communicate, and prioritize our product vision.

As a Product Owner at CoinFi, you’ll be supported by colleagues who not only have extensive subject matter expertise in cryptocurrencies and trading, but who appreciate the value that Product Management brings to a product organization. You’ll work closely with the cofounders to come up with the best product vision for CoinFi.

Get in on the ground floor of an ambitious startup - we’re on a mission to be the go-to resource in every crypto trader’s workflow. By combining currently disparate toolchains into one unified platform, we’ll be able to take advantage of the synergies between each product and deliver much more value to users than individual standalone solutions can at the moment. We have a serious war chest and a team with the right experience to execute on this vision. You’d be one of the first pioneers to join us post token sale.

Your mission (should you choose to accept) as Product Manager at CoinFi is to own the product and deliver business value to users efficiently with our available resources. We recognize the immense value a Product Manager brings to the team, and you’ll quickly become the rock star of the organization as you help us identify, refine, communicate, prioritize, and execute our product vision.

Job Description

What will you be doing?

You’ll be working closely with the co-founders to discover the best product to deliver at the right time based on market needs/wants, available resources, and cost:effort ratio.

Maintain a deep understanding of customer avatars.

Research the competition, identify opportunities, generate new ideas to grow market share.

Constantly refine, shepherd, and communicate the product vision to team members, ensuring that everyone is aligned towards to same goals.

Translate product strategy and vision into detailed requirements, building the plan to execute on the vision.

Work closely with design and engineering to explain requirements (along with underlying business rationale), understand implementation tradeoffs, and prioritizing appropriately to obtain maximal results with finite resources.

Help drive product launches with PR / marketing team to ensure widespread distribution.

Keep tabs on user engagement/adoption data to help make decisions, iterate to improve on customer experience.

Question assumptions, think outside of the box for creative solutions when warranted.

Always look for leverage, especially by applying the Pareto Principle (80/20 rule) to get disproportionate results for the effort required.

This position is for you if you…

Want to deeply understand all aspects of the business since they constitute inter-related parts including financial, marketing, legal, technical, and user experience in order to determine solutions that work for the customer as well as the business. You should derive excitement from taking responsibility for ensuring a business outcome.

Possess a strong product sense by understanding the various crypto user avatars (ideally by personally being at least one of them) and always acting in the best interest of those avatars, often in the face of pressure. This means sacrificing your ego in the service of finding the best solution, which includes always listening to the market to find out what they really value and simplifying the feature set down to the things that will positively impact users.

Follow the cryptocurrency markets and personally own cryptocurrency, with at least one account on a crypto exchange. Ideally you trade occasionally and/or have participated in at least one ICO as well.

Have a baseline technical background alongside familiarity with the product development lifecycle. Basically, you should be comfortable with project management toolchains and know enough to evaluate design and engineering teams on both time/effort estimates as well as concerns they may raise such as technical debt, and question those estimates or concerns when warranted.

Understand online marketing and user psychology at a deep level to predict reactions and bake growth into the product.

Enjoy collaborating with smart, driven colleagues to solve real problems for users.

Leverage exceptional communication skills in both written and verbal English to explain and persuade, especially with regards to displaying empathy for users and team members.

Have read and passionately resonate with this blog post:

Please note: This position is HK based. Relocation is an option for exceptional candidates.

Salary range

120k USD + tokens

This job has expired

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