Product Manager

Boo  Canoe Finance
June 21, 2022

Canoe Finance, previously MetaDEX, is a simple MetaFi integration with an upgradable SDK.

With “DeFi at your fingertips,” Canoe aims to provide accessible financial services for the metaverse with one simple integration. Canoe Toolkit’s engine and DeFi’s aggregator make it easy to move between Web2 and Web3 portals with just a few lines of code.

Job Description

  1. Responsible for research and design of wallet modules for mobile and PC gamefi games
  2. Design the DeFi SDK of public chains ETH/NEAR around the mission, DeFi at your fingertips.
  3. Modularize DeFi functionality on the gaming side to connect public chains and gaming  projects needs
  4. Communicate with top gamefi projects, infrastructure, and public chain teams from around the world to drive product development and iteration
  5. Work closely with the technical team. Guide the direction of product iterations and prioritize requirements for the technical department.
  6. Work closely with marketing and research departments. Effectively connect marketing, research and technical departments


Job Requirements

  1. Fluent in Chinese and English, with normal communication skills. Fluent in spoken language is preferred, but not mandatory
  2. Relevant experience with DeFi or GameFi products, passion for web3
  3. Experience in mobile App, familiar with mobile game product design
  4. Familiar with public chain ecology, with the ability to research and in-depth study of blockchain technology

How to Apply

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June 21, 2022

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