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POSTED Oct 12, 2018

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Griff Green, Aragon DAC
Griff Green Oct 12, 2018
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at Aragon DAC

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Aragon is an open source, decentralized, project fighting for the freedom to organize. We believe that decentralized organizations can solve the world’s worst problems.

As part of the ongoing efforts to build out the Aragon infrastructure, the Aragon Foundation is collaborating with Giveth to build out a second core team that will help end-users experiment with the Aragon stack.

Job Description

We’re looking for a Project Manager to lead this effort and ensure our team is successful.

The first concrete project to manage will be making the Aragon DAC Website using upwork web devs or equivelent.


  • Establish key success criteria of the project.
  • Further develop the project charter and a project plan.
  • Setup the tooling to support the team processes.
  • Adapt an agile methodology for the team to optimize delivery.
  • Run daily standup meetings and whatever else it takes to bring out the best in our team on a daily basis.
  • Fill in any gaps in the team capability as necessary to ensure we deliver.
  • Maintaining a Bounties program, or managing someone that does this work.
  • Communicate project status through various formats as appropriate to all stakeholders.
  • Escalate issues and risks effectively.


  • Proven experience working as a project manager in a startup environment.
  • Able to adapt agile methodologies to the particular project and team dynamic and naturally adopts the servant-leader approach.
  • Experience managing remote teams across multiple time zones.
  • Experience managing teams using github.
  • Mature understanding of blockchain technology, DAOs and their political and economic implications.
  • Passionate about open source and decentralization.
  • The ability to travel the world often throughout the year.
  • Good to Have
  • Previous experience managing blockchain projects.
  • Extensive experience contributing to or managing open source projects.
  • Previous experience working remotely.

Salary range


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