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January 05, 2022
Syndr Protocol jobs

Syndr is a DeFi protocol for simple, capital-efficient and natively cross-chain synthetic assets. Synthetic assets are tokenized derivatives engineered to simulate the price of another asset.

  • Stablecoin collateral - Borrow natively cross-chain synthetic assets against USD stablecoins
  • Capital Efficiency - Borrow synthetics with an effective MCR of 92% & native system MCR of 110%
  • Native Bridging - Natively bridgeable b/w all chains
  • Multi-Collateral support - FRAX, DAI, LUSD, aDAI, cDAI, etc. (Pool your assets together)

We are currently a small team and backed by some of the best names in the DeFi including the founders of 1inch, StakeDAO, Persistance.One, Biconomy, EPNS, Movr network, Gnosis, ClayStack, CapX and more.

Job Description

This is a remote, full-time role for a protocol developer and solidity engineer. You will work directly with our team and our founders on our core synthetic asset protocol and help Syndr become the leading platform for creating, trading and earning using synthetic assets.


  • Writing solidity code
  • Writing automated mocha/chai tests to increase our test coverage
  • Increasing system security by finding bugs in solidity code and/or our crypto-economics using open-source security tools and frameworks like MythX, Slither, etc.
  • Writing documentation, designing flow diagrams, and reviewing PRs.
  • Helping with protocol integration on various chains
  • Coordinating with audits & crypto-economics reports
  • Researching DeFi derivatives from scratch and writing POCs to implement in our future iterations


  • Solid demonstrable work(on Github or otherwise)
  • Experience with ethereum test tools (e.g. Foundry, Truffle, HardHat, etc.)
  • Active user of DeFi protocols
  • Used Synthetix and/or Mirror finance and can demonstrate a solid understanding of how they work
  • Operating in Eastern hemisphere is preferred but not required
  • Being able to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Written and spoken communication skills in English

You will stand out if you have

  • Understanding of cross-chain bridges mechanisms
  • Any kind of experience with cross-chain solutions
  • Experience trading derivatives


  • Salary paid in stablecoins
  • Token Allocation package
  • Flexible working hours
  • Travel to crypto events and conferences globally(pending any COVID/Omicron complications)
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Posted on January 05, 2022

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