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POSTED Nov 21, 2017
Guy Zyskind, Enigma
Guy Zyskind Nov 21, 2017
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at Enigma

Job Description

An avid blockchain enthusiast, curious about distributed protocols, with experience working on Ethereum smart contracts and dev tools.


  • Be in-charge of the on-chain smart contracts for the data marketplace
  • Assisting in integrating on-chain contracts with an off-chain protocol
  • Designing and implementing parts of the protocol
  • Helping with research and validation of new ideas in the space


  • A working understanding of how blockchains and consensus protocols work
  • Experience with writing smart-contracts (Solidity)
  • A good grasp of best-practices in smart-contract security
  • Experience with Truffle, Web3.js and other relevant development tools
  • Curious and motivated to learn anything and everything new in the space (most important qualification)
  • Solid experience with researching, designing and implementing distributed systems is a big plus

2% of base salary will be given as referral bonus in ENG tokens

Salary range

$100,000 - $150,000 + Token compensation

This job has expired

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