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Anon Marketing is a new crypto marketing company that will be making a big push in the coming weeks and months for supremacy across the space. We stress the importance of community and helping the little guys in crypto

We will be leveraging all our connections to grow as quickly as possible and we are seeking out the top talent in the community building sphere to help us grow. We will be running a partner system from the get go so the sky is the limit with regards to your progression within our company. 

We will take a multi faceted approach, simultaneously building a VC Fund, Hedge Fund and Incubator. 

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Job Description

Initally the sole task you will have will be to write weekly reports summarising the events within 3 separate groups. This will be expanded to 7 weekly reports next month as we grow (you will be assisted by the CM in charge of the group and will have an assistant to help you next month when the work load increases)

When we are ready to really start our marketing push on other platforms you will be needed to assist our social media managers in writing copy as well.

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Posted on April 03, 2021

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