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Oct 16

Lucas Gaylord Nomisma
Lucas Gaylord
October 16, 2018

Nomisma is a startup firm that aims to decentralize finance; founded and run by a multifamily office business CIO / macro hedge fund manager / ex Goldman Sachs partner, a young tech entrepreneur from HKUST, and two tenured, chaired Harvard professors. We’re post Series A with an Alpha product, and at the cusp of dynamic, exponential growth.

Mission and Charge

We envision a world where everyone has access to transparent, trustless, robust financial infrastructure. Where accountability of financial institutions is in the hands of common citizens, globally, and this trustless foundation is intrinsic to the system.

We enable risk customization, interest, borrowing/lending, leverage, and the creation of safe assets for the cryptocurrency universe. Our protocol is based on peer-reviewed financial engineering, built on decentralized infrastructure where every step is transparent, trustless, and regulatory compliant. No margin calls. No counter party risk. No liquidation. You never need to trust the system (or anyone in it) with ownership of your assets. We deeply believe this will create a new, more inclusive financial system world-wide, unlocking and delivering novel sources of value to all users.

Job Description

If you are seeking to be an early team member in a high-potential startup with already-secured funding, we’d love to speak to you. Your primary purpose would be to enable the growth from 15 employees to +100 in the next 12-18 months.

Ideal candidate possesses a rigorous academic background, ideally in quantitative finance / computer science / engineering. Has spent time in various leadership positions in a bulge bracket investment bank focused on client coverage / marketing in the structured product / retail distribution space. The candidate has been intimately involved with product design, identifying competitive landscape, working with trading functions for optimal risk management, working with structuring for constructing the term sheet, the marketing pitch as well the strategic themes, negotiating internally and externally and managing the legal, compliance and regulatory aspects of transactions. He / she has a long term record of client focus, PNL generation, has managed teams. Ideally, candidate possesses global or at least regional experience, but preferably China / Hong Kong, SE Asia, Australia, Japan / Korea as well as / or major European markets. (candidate may have been mostly a ‘ structurer ‘, a ‘ marketer ‘ or in ‘ sales ‘. Either can be a potential fit).

The candidate has exhibited curiosity about fintech and its various strands of progress, either by launching or working in a start-up / fintech company in the areas of roboadvisory, payments, alternative exchanges, crypto, blockchain infrastructure, P2P platforms.

More specifically:

  • Creatingaminimumviableproductisyourfirst-ordertask.Tothatend,thiswould entail:
    1. Understanding and eliciting potential demand – and directing the attributes and construction of the MVP to meet the largest pockets of this demand
    2. Creating a roadmap for product genesis, testing, measuring, and iteration through product launches
    3. Being ruthless on prioritization — maximizing efficiency and product attributes to ensure the maximum likelihood of a successful MVP launches and beyond
  • To be clear, you will be designing something that has never existed before, thus being able to develop a product in a white-space “first-of-its-kind”, and grow it, is essential
  • Moreover, you will be:
    • Working with the founding team on strategy and direction for sustainable growth
    • Creating execution timelines, determining development milestones
    • Interfacing with many aspects of the company including the financial engineering, design, product, and marketing.

For the first 4-5 months, you would also:

  • Work with Beta testers on the product improvements
  • Potentially work on developing communities around open-source software

Travel is seldom and remote work accepted, but we prefer you to relocate to Hong Kong. If there are conferences you’d like to attend, the company can sponsor your trip. Depending on fit, experience, seniority, potential and time commitment, compensation package may include various forms of long-term incentive alignment.

About You

There are no hard qualifications. That said, we have exceptionally high standards for our hires and compensate accordingly. The below are guidelines for how we’ll be assessing candidates.


  • Product Manager at a startup with successful exit (+USD150M) from near inception
  • +5 years of experience as Product Manager
    • +2 years product management at startup(s) (< 20-person company)
    • +3 years product management at corporate(s) (+500-person company)
  • Clear understanding of purpose of decentralization. What should be decentralized, what shouldn’t, and why? What problem(s) does it solve?


  • Love working on challenging, ambitious projects with high-level, competent colleagues
  • Hold yourself (and work) to higher standards than any superior or colleague ever has
  • Obsession with productivity and efficiency - in that order
  • Are a good Bayesian (i.e., regularly set aside time for reflection and seek opportunities to refine and update your world view)
  • Energized by working with people; you’re the person your friends come to when they need someone to listen
  • Disciplined, driven, self-motivated
  • You own what you do and enjoy explaining to anyone willing to listen why it all makes sense, and why you’ve chosen to do it the way you have
  • Optimistic with a sense of urgency

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October 16, 2018

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