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Sales Affiliate

POSTED Mar 08, 2018

Thomas Montgomery, Koral LLC
Thomas Montgomery Mar 08, 2018
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Job Description

Legal, legitimate work for a US-based company, looking for well-positioned and connected users in the crypto retail investment community. You will be promoting the services package of Koral LLC, a boutique consultancy aimed at mid- to larger-sized individual investors (>$15k invested in crypto. Our largest current client has over $250k), as well as the managers of small, “mom & pop” sized crypto hedge funds (people that trade for their co-workers, friends, extended family, etc.). Our services package includes the following:

The cost for a month’s subscription is $200. YOU WILL BE MAKING A 25% GROSS COMMISSION OF THAT, $50 per client we sign.

You will not be doing the “closing”, we will. If you can get them to reach out to us and agree to set up a free phone assessment, and we end up signing them, you will have earned your $50. So far, every single person we have been able to get that far along (i.e. schedule a call with us) has been sold.

If you are concerned at all about the legitimacy or legality of our company, we will be happy to provide you with our state departmental ID, articles of organization, all other associated legal documentation.

Salary range

25% Commission, in BTC

This job has expired

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