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Senior Backend Engineer

POSTED Jun 07, 2018


Oakland, CA • Full-time

Anna Tong, PolySign
Anna Tong Jun 07, 2018
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About PolySign

We’re a very early stage startup founded by the Ripple founders, and looking for talented backend engineers to help us solve the biggest problem in crypto today: security and custody. We offer both the benefits of a larger company (401k, flexible working hours, salary, benefits) combined with the upside of getting in on the ground floor of a very early stage startup founded by folks that have done it before.

PolySign was founded by Arthur Britto (founder of Ripple), with help from David Schwartz (Chief Cryptographer of Ripple). They have architected a solution that is a step function above what’s currently available on the market today - would love to tell you more about it if you’re interested.

Job Description

As a Senior Backend Engineer at PolySign you will help architect and build the business logic and backbone services for the PolySign crypto-currency platform. You will build central services and managers that form the backbone of our system, and connect them to the PolySign front end systems which include web and mobile platforms. In this position you will work on a small team with other top talent with a significant impact on both architecture and direction. You will interface with and assist the front end and cloud services teams to help launch our platform.

What you’ll do:

Required Skills:

What we offer:

Who we are: PolySign Inc. is a stealth mode startup company creating software for institutional custody of cryptocurrencies. Our solution will be a key component to the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are an exciting emerging market with considerable opportunities for success. As member of a small, world class technical team, you can can have a huge impact on our solution and the success of cryptocurrencies. PolySign is co-founded by Arthur Britto, a co-founder of Ripple. In just five years, Ripple is a recognized leader in payments technology and has been recently recognized by CNBC as the 5th most valuable startup in the United States. has reported Ripple as one of the five hottest fintech companies in the world

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