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POSTED Feb 16, 2019

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Christian Liz-Fonts, Scroda
Christian Liz-Fonts Feb 16, 2019
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at Scroda

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Why Scroda?
Scroda is offering unorthodox solutions through patent pending methodologies which directly advances the entirety of blockchain technology from it’s current barriers and limitations. Scroda is revolutionizing democracy while continuing it´s focus on efficiency, security, and privacy thus giving the Scroda infrastructure a higher integrity level over other currently publicized infrastructures. The use of EEG as a biometric encryptionallows Scroda to give power to the people by fusing democracy and blockchain technology together for the realization of world evolution and the freedom of all global citizens. Scroda´s ´Power to the People´ infrastructure is the working concept that has for ever been sought after since the very beginning of democracy (dēmokratia) in 507 B.C.

Brief intro on Scroda’s Privacy -
These days obtaining privacy is costly with tumblers charging anywhere from 1-5% of the funds being tumbled, yes that is a really big cut. Monero also charges for privacy in where users pay more for every other person included in the mixin of their funds. Tumblers and privacy coins leave you with a pretty big bill, while still failling to offer your 100% privacy.

Is it worth paying for privacy while your transactions can still be linked back to each other? No. Should you be paying for privacy in the first place when privacy is a given right in the USA under the fourth amendment? No.

Scroda aims to offer its users 100% privacy completly free, eliminating the need of having to pay thousands and thousands of dollars on privacy alone.

Unlike Monero, who mixes transactions of its users into a ring of transaction that includes other XMR transactions to attempt to lessen the ability of tracking the orginal sender of a specific(s) transaction. Scroda routes your funds through multiple different addresses in your possesion thus not requiring third parties, which is only possible through the use of Scroda’s fee-less eco-system.

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Job Description

Looking for a well experienced developer, blockchain will be built from scratch in C++

Salary range

USD 150k

This job has expired

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