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Senior Blockchain Engineer

POSTED Feb 09, 2018



Christophe MacIntosh
Christophe MacIntosh Feb 09, 2018
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As a Senior Blockchain Engineer you will be part of a team of Engineers delivering the core Clearmatics technology product. This includes the core Blockchain node and a suite of innovative smart contracts. You will regularly contribute to the design and implementation of tools and protocols that solve real-world problems.

Some of the areas we intend to look at include:

You should be familiar with Blockchain fundamentals and have enough experience of using them to understand areas that you feel need to be improved. You should be open-minded and prepared to engage in design discussions, using empirical evidence to back up assumptions. You should be a team player and used to working towards a common goal. Clearmatics has an ambitious program to create a suite of Blockchain tools and products that will enhance the ecosystem and form the basis for future products and businesses. By joining Clearmatics you will have the opportunity to help design and create these tools and products in an environment where research and experimentation is valued. Daily tasks include:

Our toolkit includes Ethereum, Golang, Python, Solidity, Terraform, Gitlab CI, Git, GPG, Agile. An strong understanding of Blockchain technologies is more important that a familiarity with all of these tools.

The successful candidate must:

The successful candidate should:

It would be nice if the successful candidate:

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