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Mar 06

Linera gives end users their own blockspace

Web3 is poised to revolutionize the digital economy by empowering users and allowing applications to manage valuable assets directly over the Internet. Linera’s mission is to advance the state-of-the-art of Web3 by building the first blockchain optimized for large-scale decentralized applications that require quick transaction finality.

Linera redefines blockchain scalability by giving each end user their own blockspace. Founded by Mathieu Baudet, a former Meta/Novi engineer and researcher with a PhD in cryptographic protocols, Linera introduces microchains–lightweight chains that operate in parallel within a common set of validators. Linera is the first blockchain infrastructure optimized to provide web3 applications with unprecedented horizontal scaling, bringing the infinite scalability of Web2 to Web3. 

Linera has received a total of $12M in seed funding from top investors including a16z crypto, Borderless Capital, Tribe Capital, Laser Digital Ventures, and more.

The Linera Community: Global community of lifelong learners

Alongside our world-class infrastructure, our online community has grown organically. We are a global community of lifelong learners looking to build the next generation of web3 applications. Sharing Linera’s values of quality, thoughtfulness, and integrity, we hope to foster relationships that start with building on Linera and go beyond.

Core Responsibilities

You will be creating the online experiences that will be most people’s introductions to the Linera community. Your mandate is to educate developers and the web3 community about Linera and, in turn, listen to their feedback to help us build and grow. In doing so, you will work with the team to maintain a strong brand that communicates the quality of our technology, developer community, and team. 

This role combines strategy, execution, and aesthetic sense. You will work closely with the founding team to shape the direction of Linera project’s place in the web3 ecosystem. You are excited by the challenge of taking a layer-1 to market, grounded in a deep technical understanding of our innovative infrastructure.

This role is a blend of Content & Social Marketing (about 65%), Product Marketing (about 20%), and Event Marketing (about 15%).

  • Drive Linera’s content strategy and own Linera’s presence on all social key channels.

  • Develop content that educates the web3 community about the Linera project, entertains, and inspires. Create content that is approachable, on brand, and accurate to the product for X (fka Twitter) and short video content for platforms such as TikTok and YouTube Shorts; manage external vendors or contractors as needed.

  • Manage a consistent content calendar across all social channels, blog posts, and email newsletters. Design campaigns, and manage content creation workflows. Establish metrics for each channel and campaign, set up instrumentation, and optimize accordingly. 

  • Grow the Linera community on social by engaging with other web3 and Rust developer communities. Build a strong and engaged Linera community.

  • Support Linera’s founder in growing an authentic presence on X (Twitter) and LinkedIn.

  • Lead product launches. Develop launch plans and manage cross-functional stakeholders to make it happen. Support the marketing needs of online and offline events, including pre- and post-event marketing for Developer Schools, hackathons, and conferences. 

  • Work closely with the founding team to inform our GTM strategy, ecosystem development, narrative, and branding. Listen for what’s resonating with our community and feedback from developers. Surface emerging themes and industry trends, share them with the team, and respond appropriately. 

  • Manage CMS, optimize SEO, cross-post to other platforms. Keep our website updated with our latest events, product launches, and positioning. Set up event landing pages, instrumentation, marketing funnels, and email marketing campaigns.

  • Think outside the box. Lead our efforts to experiment with different formats, from AMAs and Twitter Spaces, to online and offline events, to participating in web3 social platforms.

  • Support Linera’s presence at conferences, events, and hackathons, including designing swag and collateral, coordinating event RSVP’s, and liaising with event organizers.

  • Represent Linera at online and offline events as needed.

This role is Remote with most team members in the US and EMEA time zones. This role has room for career growth as the team and Linera project grows.


  • You have a bachelor’s degree in the Humanities, Business, Social Sciences, or Engineering.

  • You have 5-7+ years prior experience in Marketing.

  • You have 2-4+ years of prior experience in Marketing on a top web3 project, preferably developer-facing; L1, L2, or other infrastructure protocol; or DAO.

  • You have strong written and verbal communication skills in English.

  • You have prior experience managing agencies, such as for marketing, design, PR and/or internal PR/Communications teams, for graphics, website design, print collateral, swag, host branded events, and more. You’ve written creative briefs to scope work, managed an agency to a budget, and given actionable feedback.

  • You are comfortable with technical concepts, especially in web3 infrastructure.

  • You are very familiar with the crypto/web3 space. You are long-term bullish on web3.

  • You have prior experience listening to customer research calls and distilling feedback.

  • You have experience in content creation and community management on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram with 10+ followers.

  • You have prior experience in Product Marketing (positioning, website, blog posts, email newsletters), strategy (e.g. verticals, geographies, market sizing), and developing Marketing programs. 

  • You have prior experience in Brand Marketing and/or Event Marketing, e.g. working on a brand campaign, producing a branded conference or side event

  • You have a strong aesthetic sense and an eye for visual design.

  • You have prior experience writing in a brand’s voice.

  • You have prior experience designing visuals on behalf of a brand. 

  • You are able to use software tools for content creation, social media, website management, email marketing, instrumentation, and video communication, e.g. Photoshop, Buffer, Squarespace, Zoom, Luma, Crowdcast, Google Analytics. You are able to edit graphics, create landing pages, and set up instrumentation, marketing funnels, and email campaigns as needed. 

It would also be great if:

  • You are able to speak and write in at least one other language (especially EMEA / APAC)

  • You are located in the US, especially California or New York/East Coast.

  • You enjoy hosting groups or you’re an educator. Perhaps you’ve had prior experience as an emcee, camp counselor, teacher, facilitator, or similar. Maybe you’ve read The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker or watched her TED Talk.

  • Able to travel max 5-7x/year, including internationally

    • 2 team offsites a year

    • Estimated: 3-5 conferences/year

How you work:

  • You can think critically and use data to drive decisions. 

  • You are creative and adaptable, a problem-solver who manages changes in direction and situations that come up. You are naturally curious, open to feedback, and overall eager to learn and grow.

  • You can see the big picture (strategy, industry, product) and zoom into the details (colors, text). You are proactive, thinking 1-2 steps ahead in anticipation of various needs. 

  • You are skilled at managing cross-functional projects on a remote team. You are able to support multiple projects simultaneously, coordinate across different time zones, and work across cross-functional teams including Engineering, Product, Business stakeholders.

  • You believe in the best in others. You can manage yourself and others under pressure. You listen well to others, are firm and fair, and help others feel appreciated and heard.

We invite you to apply:

Don’t meet all the requirements? We still encourage you to apply. We’re willing to work with talented team members who are eager to learn and resonate with the Linera project. 

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