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Senior DevOps

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We’re building an Ethereum based financial platform with a suite of products and services powered by decentralisation that give you 100% control of your assets. Store them securely in our wallet, spend them with our payment card. We never touch or hold them ourselves. It’s simple, elegant and secure, and amongst the first practical authentic use-cases of the Ethereum blockchain.

Based across Europe and the UK, we’re a high-performance team of around 25 people; we have freedom and responsibility, a culture that encourages original thinking, offers ownership, and embraces knowledge sharing… and we have big plans to change the way people experience their wealth!

Job Description


We’re looking for a talented Senior DevOps to join our Product and Engineering team. You’ll work on multiple technical challenges associated with scaling our Engineering team, our cloud efficiencies, and the development of a globally accessible, decentralised banking like service.

Our tech stack includes:

Ethereum - Solidity- React Native - React.js - GraphQL - Apollo - Go & TypeScript - Docker - Kubernetes - GCP

What you'll be working on:

  • Building, managing, testing and deploying complex cloud based projects
  • Crafting tools and automation to ensure that we have the smoothest pipeline from our engineers laptop to our production servers
  • Optimising our Cloud Infrastructure for security and operational efficiency
  • Supporting the design and build of privacy-first applications on the “next generation computer”, aka Ethereum, to ensure that our users will never be our products!

This role is for you if:

  • You have experience designing, prototyping, validating and setting up automated cloud based deployment Infrastructure with GCP or AWS
  • You have deep and demonstrable knowledge of highly concurrent, distributed architectures/systems
  • You've got a proven ability to architect scalable solutions in a fast-paced environment
  • You're good at breaking down problems into smaller pieces whilst keeping your eye on the big picture
  • You possess excellent verbal and written communication skills and thrive working within a team
  • You've worked with Docker & Kubernetes and you have strong Git/GitHub experience
  • You're au fait with continuous integration and deployment processes and you've worked on greenfield projects
  • You have strong working knowledge of security and disaster recovery best practices for enterprise grade solutions

Bonus Points for:

  • An understanding of how the Ethereum Blockchain works
  • Having run production systems in GCP before
  • An understanding and experience of writing in Go
  • A track record of teaching yourself new technologies on the job and a passion for continuous technical improvement
  • A strong understanding of metrics and observability in a microservice architecture
  • ... or you're keen to learn all of the above and more!

Monolith is for you if:

  • You’re excited about the potential to create social change through technology. We're not in this to get rich quick, we want to fundamentally change how the world does business
  • You believe in strong opinions weakly held, without ego. This industry is too new to have experts. Great ideas come from anywhere and better ideas can come at any time
  • You embrace the growth mindset and you like to be constantly learning, about everything
  • You’re creative & innovative. If it has been done before you will do it better but you will also relish doing things that have never been done. You are happy to be experimental, create a hypothesis, test and iterate
  • You believe in transparency. It's not just a word for us - it’s what our business is built on. That means we treat our team like adults and we really value people who are open and genuine.
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Posted on June 23, 2020

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