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POSTED Apr 10, 2018
Lucas Gaylord, Nomisma
Lucas Gaylord Apr 10, 2018
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at Nomisma

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Nomisma is a blockchain-based fintech startup incorporated in Singapore with an additional office in Hong Kong. Our product enables risk-sharing on crypto currencies. The founding team stems heavily from a finance and economics background, both industry and academic. We’re looking for a blockchain developer, primarily with experience on Ethereum.

Job Description

Responsibilities would include detailed design of Ethereum smart contracts and distributed private key architecture. From Ethereum, we intend to implement our solution on other blockchains like Zilliqa and Aeternity, so development experience on other chains is ideal.

Required Experience:
• BSc or BEng in Computer Science/Engineering or similar field
• +2 years Solidity and Serpent or Vyper full-time smart contract experience
• Familiarity with Geth and Parity nodes – both in integration and functionality
• In depth experience with Truffle, Web3, MetaMask/Mascara, OpenZepplin, ERC standards, continuous integration of Solidity smart contracts
• Up-to-date, reading research papers on Plasma, Casper, and consensus algorithms
• Familiarity with basic attack vectors like DDoS, fisherman’s dilemma, block withholding, etc.
• Developer experience with other blockchains like Zilliqa, Aeternity, and Lisk
• At least undergraduate blockchain research experience (MPhil.+ is preferred)
• Experience integrating on-chain exchanges with smart contract
• We use Github, Slack, Skype, and Trello

Recommended Experience:
• +2 years security audit experience
• Developer experience at major blockchain focused organization such as Zeppelin, Parity, or ConsenSys
• Accepted PRs to major open-source code for Ethereum use cases
• Experience with state channels or cross-chain solutions like BTCRelay
• Familiarity with Casper FFT source code
• Experience implementing distributed private key architecture with master and child keys
• Graduate blockchain-related research experience
• Production experience with Elixir, Go, and/or Rust is a plus
• +8 years experience as a professional developer in other languages/frameworks
• Experience with Hyperledger

Salary range

USD 8-14k/month

This job has expired

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