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October 29, 2021
GET Protocol jobs

About GET Protocol

At GET Protocol we're building our way to becoming the ticketing infrastructure layer of the modern internet. We provide the backbone and tooling needed for building equity in the shady realm of ticketing whether it's providing event organisers with better access to financing, or ticketing companies with the tooling needed to build more transparent operations.

Not only have we effectively solved the problem of ticket scalping and ticket fraud; we are constantly challenging ourselves and the tech we use to dream bigger and set more ambitious targets. 

We are only half joking when we claim that world domination is our goal.

We’ve been walking the walk

With over 600,000 tickets issued using the protocol and awesome features such as NFT ticketing and pre-financing of events using DeFi expected this year, we feel confident in saying that we have one of the best blockchain and crypto use cases out there.

The first ticketing company to make use of GET Protocol, GUTS Tickets has garnered some significant media attention.

Our ticketing solution and the events we have facilitated have garnered significant press from the mainstream media and ticketing industry B2B outlets.

However, we are still largely flying under the radar within the crypto world. Our focus on building a great product and client base has given us a lot to be proud of and talk about — it’s time to push the boundaries further.

That's where you come in.

Job Description

We're looking for a Senior Software Engineer with strong JavaScript, TypeScript & React experience to help build DeFi and NFT tooling that will change the ticketing industry. We're looking towards big things, so experience building enterprise level software is a plus, as is some full-stack engineering such as; API integrations and performance considerations across the entire stack

Rockstars and Ninjas are overrated, so if you're a great engineer with a lot of best practice and experience but are only starting to get involved in the space and want your first opening, apply anyway. We're a remote-first team and we're open to all locations.

Here are some of the expectations of the role:

  • Be keen to participate in discussion about the future of the protocol. We're open to thoughts and suggestions, help us shape our future.
  • Expand our product offerings to Web3 users, build NFT and DeFi platforms with wallet integrations, contract RPC calls, and GraphQL querying.
  • Take an active part in the code-review process, suggest improvements, and manage the delivery of your work.
  • Drive forward and lead the front-end practice within the team. To achieve the goal of becoming the de-facto digital ticketing solution we need best practice and an eye for quality.
  • Good writing is a bonus. We work a lot in the public eye, so writing documentation, blogs, and manuals that are suitable for public consumption would be a benefit.
  • Be a firm believer in pragmatism and all it entails. We’re practical and we understand that we don’t always have the ability to get things done the way we intend. Help us deliver the longer and more deliberate strategy of continuous improvement.


  • You're comfortable with software design, development, and front-end architectures. This is a senior role so an understanding of software delivery and dependency management is expected. As well as finding good trade-offs in these aread.
  • You're able to write high-quality, readable, and testable JavaScript, TypeScript & CSS and can design your work to push forward technical roadmaps and initiatives.
  • Be a role model for other members of the team with a solid understanding of design patterns, code quality, and software development best practices.
  • Able to navigate and handle some design work, have an eye for quality user interfaces and experiences.
  • Some back-end experience is a nice to have, but not expected.
  • Location; anywhere!

What we can offer:

  • A high-trust and high-influence environment from day one. We care a lot more about the content of a suggestion than the person who said it. Help steer the direction of the protocol.
  • Accurate feedback, full transparency and a lot of autonomy over how you do your work.
  • The flexibility and environment to allow you to do your best work, with a group of passionate people in an exciting industry.
  • ESOP (SARS) or token plan are negotiable;
  • Employee-based conference, hardware and training budget is available.
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Posted on October 29, 2021

Apply for Senior Front-End Engineer at GET Protocol

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