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POSTED Mar 10, 2018
Ben, Apollo DAE
Ben Mar 10, 2018
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Job Description

Do you know GoLang well enough to build a server that can process millions of messages per second? Know how to implement blockchains / wallets? If so, we want you on our team!

Apollo is creating the future of crypto trading and Go is the first step to building a long lasting trading engine with less down time and fast scaling. We love remote workers and need long term committed developers to join our team. Check us out at!

We are looking for Senior level Go devs to build complex systems that can auto scale vertically and horizontally

  • Knowledge about blockchains / crypto wallets
  • You must be fast and write efficient code.
  • Ability to implement Goroutines effectively.
  • Experience with massive scaling and high speed data operations.
  • Must know how to implement secure websockets and fallbacks.
  • Work 40+ and start right away!
  • 7+ years experience prefered
  • Devs who have worked with any of these products will get interviewed right away…
  • oAuth or Firebase authentication
  • VoltDB , XAP, InfluxDB, Rethink or Cassandra
  • AWS or Google cloud

To apply, submit this information:

  • Updated Linkedin Profile
  • Sample code or repo
  • Date you can start working and prefered salary
  • Have you worked with any of the products listed above?

Salary range


This job has expired

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