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POSTED Aug 07, 2018

RemoteSeattle, Bellevue, Remote   📆 Full-time


DDEX is a well funded project in the blockchain/crypto space with a team spread across multiple countries. We are a market leader in our respective space.

Blockchain technology is currently one of the fastest growing sectors of technology. Our employees have the unique opportunity to work deeply in the blockchain technology realm.

Many leaders in the blockchain realm consider decentralized exchanges to be the future standard, but currently they have not seen widespread adoption for a variety of factors. Our project aims to solve many of these problems and place ourselves at the forefront of a rapidly expanding decentralized economy.

Job Description

As a React Engineer, you will be focused on working with our team to implement reusable front end components for decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. You will be working with extremely new and cutting edge technologies in a rapidly growing economic space. Our team is lean and quick, headquartered in Seattle/Bellevue, WA.

As our primary React Engineer, you will need to have the following traits/abilities:

  • Reasonably self directed.
  • Ability to quickly pick up new technologies (and explore new relevant technologies) and articulate technological tradeoffs.
  • Fluent in state management libraries like Mobx, Redux or Context API.
  • Fluent in responsive layouts using Flexbox or CSS Grid without relying on 3rd party libraries like ReactStrap.
  • Familiar with styling libraries such as Styled Components is a plus.

Primary Responsibilities/Skills:

  • Implementing front end components for high performance decentralized exchanges. Implementing designs and features from our team onto multiple cryptocurrency exchange platforms.
  • Understanding of Solidity and Web3
  • Fluent in ES6+ Javascript (TypeScript is a plus)
  • Deep understanding of how both decentralized and centralized cryptocurrency exchanges operate
    • Understand the primary differences
    • Enthusiastic to solve issues that decentralized exchanges currently face
  • General cryptocurrency understanding
  • Outstanding communication skills: typically in person and through slack (or a few other mediums)

Salary range

$90K - $110K

This job has expired

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