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Senior Rust Developer

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Coinweb is on a mission to solve blockchain’s biggest problems. Our approach is to combine blockchains to achieve better transactional and computational scaling as well giving developers and projects a larger and continuously adaptive solution space. We have a diverse and international team with offices in London, Bangkok, Kyiv, and Barcelona.

Job Description

For Coinweb core development, we are looking for Senior Rust developers. For this position, development will be done in Rust, but candidates with solid experience in one or more of the following languages will also be considered: Haskell, ML, Scala, Erlang, Elixir, F#.

The candidates will be responsible for further development and improvement of the Coinweb core and collaboration with the backend team of auxiliary Coinweb applications. 

For this position we are seeking experienced senior developers with strong theoretical backgrounds. You need to enjoy solving hard problems and get the job done. Bonus if you have experience in Blockchain and/or Crypto Exchanges, massively parallel compute frameworks, GPGPU or big data frameworks such as Spark.


  • Experience with Rust
  • Experience in one or more of the following languages Haskell, ML, Scala, Erlang, Elixir, F#. Personal projects can qualify if they can be shown
  • Experience with WebAssembly is a plus
  • Experience with parallel compute frameworks is a plus
  • Experience with GPGPU is a plus
  • Experience with big data frameworks is a plus
  • Analytical skills
  • Strong command of English
  • Strong ability to adapt to a fast-changing environment
  • No 9-5 mentality


  • Kyiv and Barcelona are the preferred options
  • Bangkok is also an option
  • Partial remote work is an option
  • Relocation is an option


  • Subject to experience and qualifications
  • Performance-related bonuses
📆 Full-time
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Posted on September 01, 2021

Apply for Senior Rust Developer at Coinweb

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