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Senior Security Engineer

POSTED Feb 09, 2018

Hoard, Inc.

Charlotte, NC and Remote

Dan Lipert
Dan Lipert Feb 09, 2018
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Good money drives out bad, and cryptocurrencies and the new token economy are bringing an end to the hegemony of traditional financial institutions. Hoard is looking for talented backend developers who want to effect these changes, make some serious money, and have fun doing it. Applicants must have major enthusiasm for blockchain and cryptocurrency projects.

We need you to help us protect our customers’ assets, data, and the integrity of our network. In the cryptocurrency ecosystem, our responsibilty in securing our customers’ investments is amplified by orders of magnitude. Blockchain technology is still in its infancy, so if you possess a healthy skepticism matched with enthusiastic passion for decentralization you’ll fit right in.



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Salary range

90-150k, 0.1-0.5% equity


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