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Junior/Senior Smart Contract Developer / DeFi / Solidity

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Horizon Protocol is decentralized finance project on the Binance Smart Chain with the mission of creating a borderless financial market for synthetic assets.

You will be joining a technical team that values open source, and will be collaborating on an open source project through smart contract implementation. We are team that believes in the culture of freedom, open feedback, and personal responsibility. We believe that the value of work is not measured by time, but by the results you have achieved. 

Job Description

You will need to be a good team player, drive results, be self-motivated, have some leadership skills, and excellent communication skills. 

We offer our team unlimited paid time off as long as the best interests of the project are maintained. 


Job responsibilities:

 1. Drive high-level decisions about the protocol design and smart contract architecture

 2. Test and deploy smart contracts;

 3. Write well-documented, high performing, secure and reusable Solidity code;

 4. Full-stack work around the operation, maintenance, and upgrading of smart contracts;

 5. Work in a small, fast-paced team to develop and iterate new features with a large amount of ownership and autonomy


Preferred requirements:

 1. 5+ years of software experience, 2+ years of Solidity development experience

 2. Experience with BSC/Ethereum related projects 

 3. Familiar with Linux system operation and development in the Linux environment;

 4. Able to understand open source system code, and those who participate in open source code projects are preferred;

 5. Good understanding of blockchain encryption algorithms, consensus mechanisms, security protocols, distributed computing, smart contracts and other underlying protocols and operating mechanisms are preferred;

 6. Experience with Graph Node, CouchDB, LevelDB and other NoSQL database / data-node development experience.

 7. Experienced with Node.js and other development languages are preferred; 

 8. Good communication and expression skills

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Posted on December 31, 2021

Apply for Junior/Senior Smart Contract Developer / DeFi / Solidity at Horizon Protocol

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