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Senior Software Engineer - Blockchain Protocol

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THORChain is hiring for THORChain
January 03, 2020

THORChain is building a state-of-the-art distributed network to enable cross-chain asset exchange with incentivised, always-on liquidity and no wrapped or pegged tokens. The network is THORChain and the THORNode software, powered by CosmosSDK and Tendermint consensus. THORNode facilitates state-pegs to any external network (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Chain) and manages a multi-party computation protocol with threshold signatures to enable outgoing transactions. The team is passionate, self-driven, industry leaders whose mission is to build permissionless access to liquidity. The project is well funded and growing quickly.

How the team works:

The team is publicly psuedo-anonymous to ensure the project is delivered with the right characteristics, though this is an individual choice. Shipping code is more important than anything else. The team leverage agile methodologies to move quickly and stay focused. Communication is important and the team relies heavily on Slack, Zoom, and GitLab to help stay in sync. Everything is open source and available on GitLab.

Job Description

This is a full time position and can be located 100% remote.

Job Description

What you will be doing:

  • Build and test interfaces based on ComosSDK for THORNode
  • Build and test interfaces to allow THORNode to connect with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other chains
  • Build infrastructure to allow THORNode operators to manage their nodes


  • At least 4 years of software engineering experience with open source contributions
  • Experience developing, releasing, and maintaining production software
  • Significant experience writing Golang or the ability and desire to become proficient in new languages
  • A strong grasp of computer science fundamentals
  • Experience working in an agile development environment
  • The ability to take ownership and see initiatives through
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Experience working with distributed teams


  • Knowledge of fault tolerant consensus protocols like PBFT or Tendermint
  • Familiarity with open source P2P networking protocols like BitTorrent, Kademlia, etc
  • Knowledge or experience in cryptography and multi-party computation routines

What is offered:

  • The opportunity to be part of building the future of asset exchange
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Competitive contractor rates, including token bonuses

https://thorchain.org https://medium.com/thorchain https://gitlab.com/thorchain https://twitter.com/thorchain_org

You will be mentored and directed by the project tech lead. Daily and weekly async standups to cover progress. Fortnightly 1-on-1's with the tech lead.

📍 Remote
🌎 Remote
We pay in crypto
💰 USD 90-120k
51 applications
Posted on January 03, 2020

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