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Senior Solidity Engineer

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Silo is a non-custodial lending protocol that implements secure, efficient, and permissionless money markets where any token can borrow another. Silo brings secure lending markets to all token assets in the same way Uniswap brought liquidity pools to thousands of tokens.

Job Description

We are looking for software developers with advanced Solidity experience. You will be working with a fun, collaborative, supportive team of engineers to build cool technology.



* Write quality, well-tested Solidity code.

* Write documentation, design flow diagrams, and review PRs.

* Research, design, scope, and estimate your projects.

* Collaborate with product and the UI teams. 

* Write automation tests



* 3+ years of experience writing, testing, deploying, and verifying Solidity applications.

* 3-5+ years of programming experience.

* Being able to work in a team environment, take part in audit sessions, and follow Agile processes.

* Being able to work in a fast-paced environment.

* Written and spoken communication skills in English.


Nice to have

* Understanding of how Ethereum stores state and related data structures EVM knowledge - opcodes etc.

* Solidity and knowledge of ABI (eg. variable mapping to storage slots)

* Ethereum blockchain test tools (e.g.Truffle, Embark, Hard Hat, etc.)



  • Generous pay and token allocation
📆 Full-time
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Posted on December 29, 2021

Apply for Senior Solidity Engineer at Silo Finance

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