Senior Tokenomics Designer

Chainforce is a cutting-edge token engineering and token economics consultancy firm. We assist founders and venture capitalists in building, validating, and launching their tokenized ventures and ecosystems confidently across the DeFi, Web3, and GameFi spaces.

Over the past 4 years, Chainforce has worked with over 90 clients, creating over $335M in market cap to date. We’re leaving our mark in the space by helping innovators like,,, design and launch their tokens with success.

Our mission goes beyond traditional consulting. Chainforce operates in a multi-dimensional business landscape, focusing on technological empowerment, economic innovation, and strategic education.

Our team combines expertise in computer science, data science, economics, and finance, offering a profound understanding of the complexities of tokenomics. We collaborate closely with clients to devise and implement bespoke solutions that amplify growth and enhance profitability.

Chainforce provides tailored consultancy, leveraging our experience and knowledge to guide clients through the tokenization process—from conceptualization to execution—ensuring alignment with project goals, stakeholder interests, and market dynamics.

Role Summary

As a Senior Tokenomics Architect at Chainforce, you will be pivotal in shaping token strategies and designing robust token economies for our clients. You will lead the development of token economic strategies, design, modelling, and validation work, contributing to our growth and competence in the evolving field of token economics.


  • Lead the design, modeling, and validation of token economic models
  • Devise bespoken token designs, utilities & value mechanics based on client needs
  • Work with clients to establish their token & tokenization roadmaps
  • Guiding and training Junior team members and being responsible for quality assurance.
  • Stay on top of latest research and synthesize learnings into our methodology
  • Research and develop our competency in token economics within the ever-evolving field
  • Conduct meta-analysis of market trends such as distribution, cliffs, vesting schedules, airdrops, and more for comparable purposes.
  • Attend client meetings and collaborate with the team to deliver high-quality outputs.
  • Stay updated with industry trends and developments and attend industry gatherings

Previous Experience

  • Show us your relevant hands-on experience with above tokenomics related work and how you've used data models to assess, improvise, and validate token economies
  • Demonstrate your understanding that models are created to answer specific questions for intended users. Share a model you have built to answer a question, highlighting the right level of abstraction for others.

Required Skills

  • Formal Education required: Either Computer Science, Data Science, Econometrics, or similar.
  • Critical Thinking: Proficiency in analyzing diverse viewpoints and drawing logical conclusions.
  • Problem Solving: Resourcefulness in sourcing solutions from varied information.
  • Industry Knowledge: Familiarity with Web3/DeFi/GameFi, including on-chain technologies, smart contracts, terminology, strategies, and latest trends.
  • Google Sheets: Must be extremely proficient in Google Sheets. We use this instead of Excel for easier sharing and collaboration with clients.
  • Machinations: Proficiency in Machinations is highly desirable.
  • On-chain Data Ability to pull and work with on-chain data.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Knowledge of Python (with CadCad), R, and Machinations.


  • Compensation is experience-based.
  • Initially, a trial period with a short-term contract will likely precede any long-term commitment.

Location and timezone

  • Remote work is possible, not prefered
  • Alignment with Central European CET working hours is required.

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