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POSTED May 28, 2018

RemoteBrussels   🛠 Engineering   📆 Contractor

at Callisto Network

Callisto Network is a blockchain platform with its own cryptocurrency (CLO) that is based on Ethereum protocol, so any Callisto improvements can be applied to Ethereum Classic.

The key aspects of Callisto are:

  • Smart-contract ecosystem security
  • Scalability of ETC & CLO networks
  • New protocol-level enhancements

Callisto Network is developed by Ethereum Commonwealth, one of three ETC development teams.

Job Description

Callisto Team is looking for smart-contract security auditors. Security auditors should check smart contracts for errors and publish reports. Smart-contract security auditors are paid depending on the result of their audit reports.

In addition, smart-contract security auditors will participate in the initial Security DAO testing.


  • Solidity programming language
  • Specifics of Ethereum/Ethereum Classic blockchain and EVM
  • Remix IDE, ClassicEtherWallet
  • Basic knowledge of cryptography


  • Junior security auditor: 17,500 CLO/month (programmer with a lack of experience of developing/security auditing in smart contracts).
  • Middle security auditor: 60,000 CLO/month.
  • Senior security auditor: 120,000 CLO/month (expert security auditor with a good auditing history).

Salary range

120000 CLO

This job has expired

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