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POSTED Oct 28, 2018

RemoteNetherlands   🛠 Engineering   📆 Contractor

at KUDO-Life Stories

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KUDO is a new experiment in which we combine the best feature of social media with the best aspect of cryptocurrency. With KUDO, content creators have an opportunity to earn on the basis of the preference of the content viewer.

To this day the reward system of KUDO in combination with the Stories feature in KUDO – Life stories, have not been known in the social media or cryptocurrency industry before. We believe that this combination opens the door to a sustainable and powerful KUDO community. A community in which the content creator is directly rewarded for his contribution.

Job Description

I am looking for someone that can write the ICO smart contract. The following should be build in Solidity and Ethereum:

  • Smart contract
  • User registration (ETH adress)
  • Crowdsale portal
  • KYC register (whitelist)

This is a one-time project for now. However, After the ICO there also opportunities to work with the company.

Please contact us via our email address.

Salary range


This job has expired

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