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Aug 26

James ViralCoin
August 26, 2022

The ViralCoin DAO was built to facilitate subscription transactions seamlessly. Pay for your utilities, rent, video on demand, entertainment services, water, etc. with the reflection you earn by holding VIRAL. ViralCoin intends to maintain relative price stability to ensure adopters can rely on the value of the token as a means of payment. Global redistributions occur as a result of every transaction, meaning that any wallet holding tokens will receive an increase in their balance on a regular basis. Even while the price is stable, the value of a wallet holding VIRAL would increase due to the reflection, without the concern of the price drastically decreasing.

Job Description

We are looking for an intern who is in tune with the crypto space, and is capable of writing compelling copywrite pieces to be shared on all of our social media platforms. We will help you understand all of the underlying tokenomics and utility of ViralCoin, and you can generate new content to publish regularly. You will be working closely with the founders until you are on your feet.

We are live, and looking for interns while we raise $10 million USDC to grow ViralCoin. Once we have the money raised, you will be compensated for your time prior to the funding and then put on a salary schedule.

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James ViralCoinJames

August 26, 2022

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