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Social Media Manager and Content Creator

POSTED Dec 11, 2018

RemoteRemote, • πŸ’¬ Community • Full-time

Luke Sherwood, Virtual Nation
Luke Sherwood Dec 11, 2018
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at Virtual Nation

Active 2 months ago

At Virtual Nation we are excited about the opportunities immutable distributed ledger technology provides and the hype blockchain has generated over the last decade.
Supplying blockchain start-ups the tools to thrive in the accelerated world that is the crypto sphere has become our passion.

Community Management:
Managing and engaging your community to a high standard will be essential to the success of your raise through the development of your product and onwards past the public release, from 24-hour telegram cover, moderator bots, social media management, to community education, we have you covered.

Virtual Nation is fast building on its current client base of ITO’s, our team is dedicated to working within the Blockchain space providing a professional and caring community image.

Community Campaigns:
Virtual Nation is proud of our community dashboard system, on the user’s side this is defined by an easy to use and instantly rewarding user interface, this allows users new to tokens the ability to join our campaigns without a steep learning curve opening your ITO to a larger base of customers, for our team it represents a streamlining of the technically difficult and time-consuming bounty process, the checking and updating of sheets are done automatically.

Completely side-stepping these complexities and the resulting loss of man-hours but still retaining the ability to run a diverse range of campaigns, competitions, and tasks for our users to complete allows our team to concentrate on your customers.

Job Description

Manage multiple social media platforms and reply to all messages or input in an appropriate way.

Create regular posts across all platforms relevant to the starups in question.

Work with Virtual Nation and our clients to create a unified marketing effort.

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