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The Telos Network is a third generation blockchain network.  We have a native eos.io based blockchain and an EVM solution, both which offer high throughput and low fees.  Telos has been live since 2019 and has numerous applications.  Telos had no ICO and has been working on growing the ecosystem through a grassroots effort over the last 3 years.  Due to the continued effort, we have had a lot of success and are in the process of professionalizing all areas in order to become one of the most competitive DApp networks within the blockchain/ cryptocurrency space.


Job Description

70,000 - 100,000 USD / year paid in crypto


  • Own and manage the social media strategy across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and youtube
  • Create engaging and professional posts and content
  • Oversee animation and video creation for posts
  • Build and lead team as necessary to support growth initiatives
  • Collaborate with marketing and partnership teams in order to coordinate the posting of content across
  • Create a regular publishing calendar for content
  • Design, create and manage social campaigns
  • Create core KPIs related to social engagement, drive growth and engagement across all platforms

Who you are

  • Experienced in social media management
  • Understanding and experienced digital marketing
  • Understanding of crypto communities with a focus on NFTs and DEFI
  • Able to implement processes and structure within growing organizations
  • Are able to communicate ideas to a multitude of audience types
  • Data driven and able to make strategic changes based on results
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Posted on November 25, 2021

Apply for Social Media Manager at Telos Network

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