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POSTED Jan 26, 2018



Timothy Ley
Timothy Ley Jan 26, 2018
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DEX is building a decentralised data marketplace and ultimately create an open data marketplace where the data exchange protocol was open for all to adopt; and friction on pricing, consent, compliance etc. had been removed so that the ecosystem could focus on building the future.
If you are someone that loves to build things and cares deeply about the future of the internet and of society, we want to hear from you.


DEX is looking for a committed and energetic individual to join us as a Python Software Developer, who is passionate about creating great user experiences and integrations with backend protocols with meticulous attention to detail. The ideal candidate is someone who thrives in a highly collaborative, small team environment. Your work demonstrates a clean and modern sensibility of interaction design. You must be proactive, collaborative, and have a point-of-view about your work.
You will be required to rapidly prototype the front and back ends of web-based decentralized data marketplace. You should have a strong grasp of Python and Javascript.


General Requirements

Technical Requirements

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