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Software Engineer (all levels)

POSTED Mar 01, 2018

Al Poh, TenX
Al Poh Mar 01, 2018
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Job Description

Help us build the future of payments in Rust! TenX is building a payment platform in the cloud to allow our customers to spend blockchain assets at any merchant that accepts payment cards.

We are a growth-stage startup with a culture and environment to match. That means that you can expect to find a fast-paced environment, bleeding-edge technology, and a group of highly motivated self-starters collaborating to change the world.

We are looking for software engineers who aren’t afraid of working with new technologies and have the track record to prove it. Past experience and the right tech-stack is important, but it is more essential that you are motivated, self-driven, and willing to grow and learn. We value contributions to open source software projects, experience building startup MVPs, giving talks, and organizing communities. TenX engineers are experts in their fields and leaders among their peers; we expect you to have these qualities too.


We’re open to engineers at all levels of seniority, and will offer a position to match.

What we offer in return:

Salary range

50k - 150k

This job has expired

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