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Software Engineer (Backend/Infra)

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September 29, 2021
Algomint jobs

Algomint is the preeminent digital assets minter on the Algorand protocol, providing a bridge to mint a variety of assets bringing equity and usability to the ecosystem.

We started the company in May 2021 and have already secured 1.5 million in pre-seed funding. Algorand has just been selected as El Salvador’s legal blockchain infrastructure.

At Algomint, we are hiring forward thinking developers and blockchain enthusiasts from all around the world who see a future that is decentralized. We are on the bleeding edge of the crypto realm, and we want you to be to be on this journey with us!

As a software engineer on the team, you will be working remotely with other engineers to extend and improve the infrastructure, security, and backend. You will be architecting new software designs, participating in the Agile product cycles, implementing microservices, and improving existing core services. You will also get the opportunity to research, learn, and work on Ethereum and Algorand smart contracts.

Job Description

Key Qualifications:

  • Backend development experience in Golang, or Node.js
  • Experience with microservice architecture and pub/sub model
  • Building and consuming RESTful and GraphQL APIs
  • NoSQL database experience (MongoDb)
  • Experience with Kubernetes and Helm charts
  • Experience with building distributed and scalable systems
  • Initiative to take action, and communicate asynchronously
  • Great communication skills and the ability to work remotely
  • Work in an agile environment to deliver high-quality software.
  • Willingness to learn about blockchain, crypto, Algorand, and new innovations in the crypto space

It’s a bonus if you have...

  • NoSQL database experience
  • Experience with Kubernetes and Helm charts
  • Solidity, Web3, Truffle, Infrura, Ganache, PyTeal development experience
  • Experience building blockchain projects

What’s it like to work at Algomint?

Algomint’s vision is to build cross-chain swapping platform, aggregating DEXes to help users swap any version of BTC, ETH, USD, and Gold coins at the best rate. All these plans are geared towards generating 'free liquidity' from high-cost ecosystems and bring in 'sticky liquidity' into the Algorand ecosystem, where users can participate in a booming DeFi ecosystem that offers the best-in-class technology and cost efficiency.

To achieve this, Algomint hires people with broad skill sets, who are ready to take on some of the most challenging problems in the industry.

Algomint is in its early stages of development, and we believe the best is to come. We support each other in an open environment where all ideas will be heard. Be creative, be curious, and believe in knowledge-sharing.As a company, we have an environment of respect and transparency and we empower people to make decisions. We are committed to pushing the boundaries to improve the business in the short and long term.

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Posted on September 29, 2021

Apply for Software Engineer (Backend/Infra) at Algomint

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