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Software Engineer with Python

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May 16

  • CoW Protocol is on a mission to create the fairest and most efficient venue for exchanging digital assets on all EVM-compatible chains. Since launching 2 years ago, we have passed $23bn (yes, billion) in trade volume and become the 2nd most popular DEX Aggregator on the market -- aiming for #1.
  • We are an ambitious, fast-growing, and international team working at the forefront of DeFi.
  • We believe we can make markets more efficient and fair by building the ultimate batch auction settlement layer across EVM-compatible blockchains.
  • Protection from MEV. CoW Protocol is the industry leader in protecting users from frontrunning and sandwich attacks, which lose traders thousands of dollars daily. It does this by matching trades peer-to-peer and leveraging batch auctions [→] so trade order becomes irrelevant.

By joining us at this early stage, you will make fundamental decisions that will make fundamental decisions that will shape the course of the CoW Protocol.

Location: Onsite or remote (+- 3/4 hours from CET)

Position: Full-time contractor

You'll be joining the team overseeing the design, monitoring, and enhancement of the CoW Protocol's solver competition. As the pioneer in intent-based trading, this competition has attracted top players in the field. Building strong relationships between solver teams (those responsible for executing trades onchain) and our core team is vital for the protocol’s growth. Your role involves providing technical support to solver teams, identifying challenges they face, and collaborating with our core team to enhance the competition. You'll also develop essential components for monitoring the competition, ensuring compliance and user protection. This journey will deepen your understanding of blockchain intents and our batch-auctions-based approach, exposing you to valuable data for insightful analysis. Ultimately, you'll play a crucial role in ensuring the CoW Protocol's solver competition operates effectively, in line with the CoW DAO's principles of fairness, safety, and decentralization.

What you will do

  • Provide technical support to solver teams; keeping them updated, gathering their input, and troubleshooting any issues that arise
  • Dive deep into the competition dynamics, understanding the needs of solvers, and crafting tools to enhance competition monitoring
  • Engage in various implementation tasks for the solver competition, like setting up rewards systems, managing token balances, and refining price data feeds
  • Apply data analysis techniques to gain insights on the behavior of both our users and solvers, and design metrics to evaluate how strong our trading mechanism is
  • Explore the fundamental Game Theory principles guiding the competition's mechanics and rules
  • Help towards the further decentralization of the solver competition

Who you are

  • You're skilled in coding, especially in Python, and familiarity with Rust is a bonus
  • You're proficient in SQL and comfortable navigating databases
  • You're intrigued by the Game Theory principles driving the mechanics of the solver competition
  • You're passionate about blockchain technology and advocate for a decentralized future in digital currencies
  • You thrive on tackling complex problems, utilizing a range of tools, from algorithms to data analysis, to find effective solutions
  • You enjoy collaborating with multiple teams, communicating openly to grasp their challenges and work together towards solutions
  • You're eager to develop a diverse skill set, delving deep into the blockchain technology supply chain and understanding the interactions among various entities, with a focus on the Ethereum blockchain

What we can offer you

  • Flexible work environment: Join our hub in Lisbon or work remotely
  • Token plan: Have a stake in our mission and shape the future of CoW DAO
  • Periodic gatherings: Enjoy opportunities to connect with the rest of the team through regular trips
  • Conference allocation: Stay up-to-date with ecosystem advancements using our conference budget
  • Learning budget: Use our learning budget to support your higher ambitions
  • Hardware budget: Take advantage of a hardware budget to acquire the necessary equipment
  • Make an impact: You are joining a startup where you can make a huge difference. Your work matters!
  • Flat hierarchies mean fewer processes and bureaucracy - see more of your ideas come to life!
  • Flexible work and vacation times: Prioritize work-life balance through our robust, flexible work policy and vacation allowance
  • Growth: If you're someone who loves taking the initiative and getting things done, CoW offers lots of opportunities for your individual growth


Life within the CoW Protocol is an incredible adventure! We take pride in our collaborative approach, embracing autonomy and fostering a culture of big thinking and continuous growth. We value impact, ownership, simplicity, and team spirit. Plus, we're all about feedback, coming together, and enjoying the journey along the way!

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