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Solidity Developer

POSTED Jul 10, 2018

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Richard Parris,
Richard Parris Jul 10, 2018
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Active 2 months ago

Saito is a new kind of blockchain providing massive on chain capacity. Saito uses a new consensus mechanism and a transient chain to enable scaling and bandwidth orders of magnitude greater than existing chains.

Job Description

One amazing thing Saito can do, as a PKI network, is function as a payment channel layer for other chains. We need an experienced solidity dev to help us write solidity contracts to improve our demo functionality, and eventually use Ethereum as a native-level token for the next-generation distributed Internet applications we are building.

The current demo works: but is not optimized and is slow. Specifically the Keythereum NodeJS module takes 30-40 seconds to create a keypair. We estimate this is a 10 to 20 hour project for a knowledgable ETH dev. We have working code that creates N-party payment channels.

If you are interested in helping, please check out our working demo:

We also have a video run through of the demo:

We need a browser-friendly NPM module that does the following:

  • creates ETH public / private keypair
  • create smart contracts through some API (browsers can’t run ETH full nodes)
  • send transactions to those smart contracts through some API

We have a 5 eth bounty on this task. Please contact us to talk in more depth, specifically about scope, and to check that the project is not already underway.

Salary range

5 ETH (est) on completion

This job has expired

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Jul 10, 2018 βœ… 15 πŸ‘ 1285
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