Solidity Engineer (or frontend dapp dev)

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Autonomy is a protocol and tool for developers to create dapps with decentralised automation, or allow smart contracts to act autonomously on their own, without the need for humans making a transaction or running a server! It allows anyone to make any arbitrary transaction that only executes under some arbitrary condition in the future, even while the user is offline. For example, it allows users to create limit orders and stop losses on DEXes like Uniswap, MakerDAO CDPs to be closed automatically depending on the collateral ratio, and liquidity to be moved to other farms depending on the changing yields. Autonomy is infrastructure, similar to ChainLink, that is starting to disrupt DeFi. Based in Berlin, but you don't need to be here.

Job Description

For the frontend role description, please see

Autonomy itself is live on testnet already, and is about to be launched to mainnet in the coming weeks, with the token launch being a month or so after that. In order to add a condition to calling some function, a wrapper contract is needed to add a `require` statement. In order to drive adoption, we need a Solidity engineer to help other projects do this to make it as easy for them as possible. You'll get to work on a really wide variety of projects - from DEXes to DAO to lending platforms. Since this role if for developing lots of small projects, you don't absolutely need to be a senior engineer, though that would definitely help.

Work directly with the founding team and enjoy significant, *ahem*, autonomy ;) Own your work and have significant independence. Take part in strategic decisions of the project. Take part in a project that's on the brink of launching (<1month) and have a significant stake in our token.

 - minimum 1 year Solidity experience
 - launched projects to mainnet already
 - strong written and verbal communication skills

 - [strong bonus] worked on/with dapps similar to Uniswap
 - frontend dapp experience

What we can offer:
 - help build out a cutting edge technology that will change the face of the blockchain industry
 - work closely with top teams in the space that we're partnering with on collaborations
 - small remote team, or an upcoming office in Berlin
 - be one of the first employees
 - travel benefits to conferences, health benefits, the usual tech startup stuff
 - a fun environment with some solid banter ;)

๐Ÿ“† Full-time
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Posted on July 18, 2021

Apply for Solidity Engineer (or frontend dapp dev) at Autonomy Network

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