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Job Description

Recur is building the future of digital collectibles, apparel, and internet-based memorabilia with some of the most beloved brands in the world. These brands are accustomed to selling physical products such as T-Shirts and tote bags. With the rise of digital collectibles on blockchain networks - Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) - consumers are becoming comfortable with the concept of digital scarcity and the space is rapidly expanding, tripling the market to $250 million in 2020 and tens of millions of dollars in sales so far in 2021.
Brands are interested in venturing into this new, 21st century asset class to establish new connections with their fan base. However, brands are very careful about who they work with - especially-so in the cutting-edge world of blockchain technology. Recur is founded by the leaders of top licensing companies, with thousands of clients in varied industries including Disney, Warner Brothers, Hasbro, the US Military, Chevrolet, and more. By leveraging established relationships that have lasted decades, Recur will be the trusted and secure technology platform to bring brands into this new and innovative space. Other founders include technology leaders from top cryptocurrency exchanges, digital asset trading desks, financial institutions, and blockchain software companies that bring the highest-caliber experience and relationships to build the highest-quality technology platform.
Recur is seeking top software talent to grow the engineering team. We desire engineers who are comfortable with rapid development, strong communication skills, and are capable of working on various parts of the tech stack as needed to bring the product vision to reality. This is an opportunity to work on an early-stage software product and imprint your own ideas and vision on the technology powering it.

Desired Skills and Experience

    • 6+ years of experience in software development on the front-end or backend
    • Can take product requirements, make an engineering plan to implement them, and execute on the plan to ship the deliverable 
    • Can mentor more junior engineers in proper engineering techniques 
    • Can assist with hiring and recruiting candidates and assessing engineering talent
    • Have internalized engineering leadership skills and best practices 
    • Experience with Javascript / Typescript / NodeJS 
    • If you have frontend experience, SPA frameworks such as ReactJS or VueJS
    • Strong communication skills - ability to explain technical concepts to other engineers and product managers 
    • Relational database and schema design, knowledge of constructing efficient queries and analyzing slow ones 
    • Comfortable working in small teams 
    • Agile development environment where requirements can change rapidly in response to product and business needs
    • Comfortable with git and using the terminal 
    • Capable of figuring things out as needed - can learn on the fly 

Added Bonus

    • Experience or interest in blockchain technology such as Ethereum 
    • Full-stack development experience - can build on both the frontend and the backend
    • General understanding of AWS concepts, capable of constructing deployment pipelines, and basic DevOps work
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Posted on April 14, 2021

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