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POSTED Feb 11, 2018
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Feb 11, 2018
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Job Description

New Alchemy is an advisory and investment group specializing in tokenization and blockchain technology. One of only a handful of companies able to offer a full spectrum of guidance from tactical technical execution to high-level theoretical modeling in this blue ocean field, New Alchemy provides technology, token game theory, security audits, and token launch marketing, strategy, and facilitation to the most innovative companies and projects worldwide.

If all this means nothing to you, don’t worry. It doesn’t have to… yet. Our team is highly-motivated, flexible, smart, and galvanized by the idea that we’re playing in a never-before-explored intersection of technology, finance, and economics. We’re disrupting the way the world works, and we’re stoked by that. We want new team members that feel the same way: people who are experts in becoming experts, early adopters, technophiles, kingdom-builders. In other words, we’re much more interested in whether you have the drive and the determination to develop world-class mastery in a groundbreaking field than whether you come preloaded with knowledge. Intrigued?

Our Strategic Advisors(SA) play the critical role in launching Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) on behalf our clients. The SA is the primary point of contact for our clients, interfacing both with the clients’ executive suite (CEO, COO, CFO) as well as functional leaders and executors (IT, finance, marketing). SAs are excellent leaders of complex processes. They have solid understanding of ICO market dynamics, finance and marketing. Overseeing a portfolio of 2 - 5 clients at any given time, SAs are gifted client relationship managers, able to understand the necessary steps to deliver a high-performing ICO, and able to coach clients (and marshal colleagues’ help) through that process. SAs are insatiably curious, self-propelled learners; we’re in a rapidly changing market and staying on top of trends and dynamics - and changing ICO management strategy accordingly - is critical.

You Will:

  • Have a strong bias towards action in how you approach your everyday projects
  • Be intellectually curious and wicked smart
  • Have impeccable communication skills (both written and verbal)
  • Have the executive presence to work with people in all levels of an organization
  • Are a team player; at New Alchemy you’ll be working with colleagues in Marketing and Engineering most often, but in a small company, everyone is your co-pilot and you could be anyone’s
  • Be self-directed: we point you in the right direction, give you a goal, and expect you to execute beautifully and exceed expectations
  • Graciously receive and embrace constructive feedback, always striving to perform better tomorrow than you did today
  • Thrive in circumstances of ambiguity and rapid growth; we’re creating a new market here - this is an amazing, once in a lifetime, and somewhat chaotic environment
  • Are fun, funny, flexible, kind, generous and a pleasure to be around; bonus points if you know how to work an espresso machine
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