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Technical Product Engineer

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April 03, 2021

Rigel Protocol is a protocol for all your Defi Needs. We are an innovative team working on cutting-edge decentralized applications from finance, gaming and more. The RigelProtocol goal is to extend and expand the Defi horizons/ecosystem.

Job Description


Key Things Required From You:  

- Coordinating our features layouts in building fully fledged Standardized Software.

- Determining Technical Timeline of features Release.

- Coordinating and assigning developers ‘ tasks Closely.

- Smart Contract Testing Sequencing.

- Improving Our Technical Team Communication Plan.

- Determining Technical Architecture of Dapps.

- Providing Innovative and Objectives Technical/Product Ideas.

- Programming and Code Reviews.




Reactjs/Nextjs/React Native - High

Web3/Etherjs - High

GraphQL - Familiar with

Typescript - Familiar With

Solidity - A bit

Understanding of APIs - High

Software Architecture - High

Defi Architecture - High





- You have at least 4 years of experience in Technical Product Management and leading engineering teams.

- Familiar with Blockchain and Defi Products Technically.

- You’re a great communicator.

- Experienced with team task tracking and product management software.

- Experienced in Agile Methodologies.




Competitive Salary & Team Token Share

100% Remote

Interesting Team Members


Tools/Others: Teamwork, Problem-solving, Trello/Jira, GitHub, APIs, Product Management, Figma, Marketing, Roadmaps, KPIs and Documentations.

🌎 Remote
🛠 Engineering
We pay in crypto
📆 Full-time
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Posted on April 03, 2021

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