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Haley is hiring for Onther
March 22, 2021

Onther(http://onther.io/) is an Ethereum focused research and development tech-company in Seoul. In May 2019, Onther Inc. won the top prize for Plasma EVM(Tokamak Network, https://tokamak.network/) at Ethereum Foundation Grants Program for the first time in Korea and was complimented by Vitalik Buterin who is known as a co-founder of Ethereum and as a co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine. Our vision is to create a revolutionary blockchain technology that could be a fundamental pipeline between Crypto-world and the real world.

Job Description

[Minimum Requirements]
- 2 years of computer programming/researcher related work experience

[Must submit]
- If you have researched on any related topics, please submit the documents or portfolio.
- Please pick one of the topics and analyze it.
a. What is Layer-2 solution? And why is it hard to build a solid Layer-2 solution?
b. Which Layer-2 Solution is your favorite and why?
- Personal statement and resume

[Preferred Qualifications]
- Deeper knowledge of layer-2 solutions(Rollups, Plasma, etc.)
- Knowledge of zero-knowledge proof
- Knowledge of the token economy

[How to Apply]
- All positions are open until we find perfect matches for the team.
- All files must be saved in PDF, but it contains too many documents, please send us a link instead.
- Onther will contact each candidate individually.
- All mandatory documents must be sent to people at onther.io

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🌎 Remote
🤑 Trading / Crypto Research
We pay in crypto
📆 Full-time
🛂 Visa Sponsor
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Posted on March 22, 2021

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