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POSTED Jul 30, 2018

Hong Kong   🤑 Trading / Crypto Research   📆 Full-time

Lucas Gaylord, Nomisma
Lucas Gaylord Jul 30, 2018
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at Nomisma

Active 6 months ago

Nomisma was founded by a former Goldman Sachs Asia Board of Directors member (Head of Sales), 2 tenured Harvard Business School Professors, and a young computer scientist from HKUST (current CTO) in December 2017. Our platform facilitates risk customization and diversification on portfolios of cryptocurrency. Our target market is primarily retail. We have a full-time senior development team of 5 (7 including freelancers), in addition to a 3-person team of quantitative analysts. Our main office is located in Alexandra House, Central, Hong Kong.

Job Description

Developer/Technology Analyst

Get Paid for Learning about Core Blockchain Technology and the People Behind it!
Company: Nomisma
Sector: Fintech, Blockchain
Job Type: full-time (40 hours/week)
Starting Salary: HK$(35,000 – 25,000)/month
Location: Hong Kong

About the Job

Do you enjoy internet research and speak, read, write fluent English and Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese)?

There’s a ton of information online, the trouble is of course sorting the “signal” from the “noise.” We need a mentally agile and curious person who can stay updated with technical news around blockchain development. ‘Technical news’ meaning when new publications are released, being the “first to know” (roughly) and understanding the context of the contribution. This context is partially influenced by which groups are collaborating on what projects. A good recent example of technical news is the paper published by L4, “Counterfactual: Generalized State Channels” and the response from groups who had been working on the same technology (Spankchain being the most vocal).

On another note, there are a number of developers on Github or online forums who we feel are under-represented, meaning they’re excellent upcoming technical talent, but haven’t received deserved recognition yet – we’d like to find these developers and get in touch with them. This particular part of the job will require the ability to read and evaluate code, because we’ll be going through the repos of these developers. No need to be an expert, but should be able to read and understand a simple codebase. There are a lot of interesting people to follow and cool new projects on Github we’d like to know more about. That being said, you wouldn’t be restricted to just one site. The internet is massive, so roam wherever you feel the grass is green!

Offline, there’s also a wealth of information. Take a chance to get out of the office and attend Meetups or events you think are interesting both in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

We’d also need our analyst to perform a number of essential, but non-technical tasks. Examples of these tasks would be reaching out to potentially high-profile people to foster collaboration, suggest and review our articles to be published on Medium, and remind us how people outside our company view the brand (we’re a bit biased) so we can improve it together.

As you can probably tell by now, we’re using the term “analyst” a bit loosely, clearly the position is boarder than that.


  • Fluent spoken and written English and Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese)
  • Technical competence such as the ability to program in Python, Javascript, and Go. We’re not looking for a strong developer, so you won’t need to write much code, but it will be important that you can read code and understand basic programing principals (think Object-Oriented Programing)
  • We’ll also help you to improve your developer skills along the way

Salary range

HK$(35,000 – 25,000)/month

This job has expired

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