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December 16, 2021
HiFi Gaming Society jobs

HiFi is the GameFi P2E platform integrating Metaverse & DeFi earning users money daily to play simple retro and modern games.  HIFI is building multiple properties including HiFi Gaming (Platform), HiFi TV (entertainment network for gaming, NFTs, Music), and Role Playing NFTs (NFT Journeys).  Each property feeds value into core tokenomics creating deflationary growth.  Features include high score rankings, competitions, events, challenges, achievements, destinations, and streaming experiences on our HiFi TV property, etc.  HIFI’s mission is to create pathways for gamers/artists to build a career and lifestyle on the blockchain. 

Simultaneously, we’re attracting gaming developers/studios to list their older games and reactivate revenue by utilizing HIFI’s reward engine.  Our gameplay economics platform is the game, our games and experiences are the rewardable services, and the gameplay analytics backend validates reputation driven by user participation in the ecosystem.

Our core value is Unity and we, as a community, come together in many ways to decide on how best to grow our HiFi Gaming Society.  Now, we seek you!  We need a talented individual who can help us scale to the next level of operation needed to become a world class blockchain gaming company!

Job Description

The role - Web Developer, React

We’re hiring a highly skilled technical individual who can create well-structured front-end architecture, work with APIs, and can also write reusable, and scalable JavaScript code.

Some of the key activities will focus on our gameplay platform, integrations, and game enhancements.  This may also include internal tooling, new development build-outs.  HiFi Gaming Society has an enthusiastic, optimistic and considerate community, working at the forefront of DeFi, Blockchain Gaming, and the HiFiVerse (MetaVerse.)

Success in the first 6 months

  • Play site rewrite and redesign, architected in a scalable way that integrates smoothly with our API.
  • Upgrades to Admin site to provide graphical representation of various metrics.
  • Assist with hands-on delivery and deployment of fifty customized games (we have game sources we will provide for customization) onto our platform.   
  • Proven results demonstrating user growth, adoption, and increased engagement utilizing Enhancements to conversion-focused enhancements and capabilities - gaming platform.
  • Play & Admin site enhancements including multiplayer, versus mode, anti-cheat systems that constantly evolve, optimisations for unity game development platform interface, developer portal, and HIFI compete & team battles.
  • You bring clarity to agile-driven approaches that drive feature development decisions using development best practices, sharing smart contract context/implementation constraints early on in the design process.
  • You train further developers to deliver high quality application coding, high quality smart contract code with minimal oversight.

You exhibit

  • Extremely High Ownership: You strive seriously to write high quality, bug-free code and do not wait for/rely on others to ensure your code is correct.
  • Autonomous & Self Starting: You proactively seek to understand the scope of the current mission & all its requirements. You read documentation, source code, and consult with protocol maintainers to deliver results.
  • Detail & Security Oriented Thinking.
  • Empathetic Mentor: You are an empathetic mentor, and enjoy sharing your knowledge & learnings with other motivated contract developers.
  • Excellent written & verbal communicator: You have excellent written and verbal communication skills. You are able to succinctly & clearly communicate your ideas.


  • This is a full time role, where you can work from anywhere. Contributors are spread out but commonly US or EU time zones, so overlap would be advantageous.
  • Coordinate with development teams and designers to engineer web applications that run on numerous platforms 
  • Write reusable, effective, and scalable JavaScript code Understand clients’ needs and put them into code Make use of additional JavaScript libraries such as Redux to make asynchronous API calls
  • Plan the data and presentation layer of the applications’ front-end and create well-structured front-end architecture, APIs, and can also write reusable, and scalable JavaScript code.

Essential Skills:

  • Experienced React developer.
  • Web 3 Experience
  • Node.js
  • Webpack



  • Unity 
  • C#
  • IIS
  • AWS
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Posted on December 16, 2021

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