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DeGate is an order book-centric Decentralised Exchange (DEX) trading protocol that is based on Ethereum L2 (Layer 2), utilising a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) structure that has full control over its treasury. As a next-gen DEX, DeGate aims to make decentralised exchange trading mainstream and accessible to all, with key features such as Order Book Trading, Leverage Capabilities, Layer 1 to Layer 2 Bridge, AMM (Autonomous Market-Making), and Super-fast Transaction Times amongst other features.

The vision of DeGate is to become the leading liquidity hub in Ethereum Layer 2 and make decentralised exchange trading mainstream and accessible to all.

DeGate is a protocol of the community, by the community, and for the community. DeGate sticks to a fair-launch principle in that there is no discounted seed round of fundraising or any VC round - anyone from the community can participate with equal rights.

Cryptocurrency jobs at DeGate

Zero Knowledge (ZK) Researcher


Senior Designer


Blockchain DevOps Engineer


Blockchain Application (Backend) Engineer


Closed jobs at DeGate:

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