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The goal of RECRUIT is to :

  • create a secure and direct link between the recruitment needs of companies and potential candidates without intermediaries and all around the world :
  • allow job seekers to have direct access to many offers and allow companies to benefit from a pool of competencies updated continuously to enable them to fill a vacancy as soon as possible and at best.

Recruit (RCRT) will therefore be an all-in-one platform for all kinds of recruiting tasks. Jobseekers using Recruit’s native currency (RCRT) will be able to easily and efficiently access to a lot of offers. Companies using Recruit’s native currency (RCRT) will be able to access to a lot of jobseekers all over the world.

Imagine a global database gathering all the skills of job seekers in parallel with all the skills expected by companies. This would allow job seekers easy access to employment, regardless of origin, gender. This would allow companies recruiting faster and cheaper.

Recruit (RCRT) is our vision for a next generation recruiting platform that highlights the powerful possibilities of blockchain technology.

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