Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

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Natalie is hiring for Prismatic
October 09, 2021
Prismatic jobs

Prismatic is a decentralized asset management
protocol build on Algorand. 

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JOB TYPE: Full-time

ROLE: Engineering 

COMPENSATION: Competitive & Token Allocation

KEYWORDS: Blockchain, Algorand, DeFi, On-chain Asset Management

Prismatic consists of a small and dedicated team building the first decentralized asset management protocol on Algorand. We are looking for a CTO who is just as excited about on-chain asset management as we are.

As a CTO and Co-Founder, you are the key decision maker in Prismatics’ core infrastructure and design. You will hire, build and guide a small team of top-notch technologists while being heavily involved in the hands-on development of the platform.

Useful know-how includes working knowledge and comfort with front-end JS frameworks (React, Vue etc.), backend languages (Golang, Java etc.), cloud platforms, general software design and adhering to sound coding- and version control practices.

If you are excited about DeFi, have prior experience building apps from scratch (full stack) and ideally already have some experience with smart contracts, please get in touch with us.

We are well funded and super excited to connect with you.

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Опубликовано October 09, 2021

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