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Marketing and Community Lead

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Black Eye Galaxy is a decentralized cross-chain virtual world. Buy land or whole planets, mine resources, explore the galaxy for a new star systems. We want to build an amazing project that will act as a Virtual Worlds aggregator.


Описание вакансии

We are hiring a Marketing Lead. This is a full-time position.

In this role, you will be leading all our marketing efforts and will be responsible for building a healthy big community around the project

In particular, you will have to:

  • Do regular posts in all our media
  • Create polls, competitions, etc to engage the community
  • You will be responsible to create a PR and marketing plan. And a plan how to grow the community
  • You will manage our group of community managers
  • You will be responsible for finding and collaborating with influencers. You will have a weekly marketing budget

You will report directly to CEO. Your KPIs will be related to community growth and project growth

Besides salary, this position includes part of Team tokens pool

Want to apply? 

Please submit: 

  • A resume: A link to a resume.
  • A cover letter: A brief writing explaining why you would like to work for Black Eye Galaxy
  • Requested compensation: The requested compensation
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Опубликовано July 03, 2021

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