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Most people associate crypto and web3 with finance. That's only a small part of the story though, and the next frontier is web3 social. WalletChat is building the infrastructure for wallet-to-wallet messaging, enabling individuals and communities to connect in novel web3-native ways. We provide one-on-one direct messaging, community messaging, and more. Via our web app, browser extension, and API. - https://www.walletchat.fun/

We are a small team of three - experienced in building funded startups up to Series A and beyond, and developing novel tech products. We are spread between Singapore, US, and Bali, and do most of our work async over discord. We don't have an office. We have a very informal, independent, and results-driven working culture - where each team member is empowered to contribute ideas and work on their own schedule. We don't dictate where, when, and how many hours you work. You will be expected to learn fast and keep pace with our rapidly-evolving nature of work, as we continue building towards a product-market fit.

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