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Start simple. What is Atlantis?

Atlantis World is building the Web3 social metaverse by connecting Web3 with social, gaming and education in one lightweight virtual world that’s accessible to everybody.

Essentially, a mobile-ready pixel metaverse that could be stored on a pen drive and played seamlessly on most devices (even an old laptop), combining social features with incentivized interactive learning to onboard users into the Web3 ecosystem.

What are we building? ⬊

From creating a first ever Web3 wallet, connecting to new blockchain RPCs (we rebuilt inside of the game so users can connect to new chains with 3 or 4 clicks), depositing into DeFi markets, trading assets on DEXs, trading NFTs using popular marketplaces and voting in DAOs… all is possible inside of Atlantis World in a gamified way.

We’re building quests and designing incentives so that users can be rewarded for interacting with and learning about these kinds of applications and use cases in-game.

And finally... What is the purpose? ⬊

Imagine every time a user is guided through the process of using a DeFi protocol by a scripted non-player character, exploring the Web3 ecosystem as an MMORPG game world, they might earn some tokens, an NFT badge or wearable or an in-game perk (such as a mount, super-power or any other kind of experience enhancer). DAOs could also leverage this to increase participation in their governance, especially when combined with other Atlantis World features like token-gating and voice chat*!*

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