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BlockBar logo is the world’s first DTC NFT marketplace that connects consumers and collectors with the owners of luxury wine and spirits brands by providing the opportunity to exchange NFTs for unique products. Having been in the spirits industry for many years co-founders Dov and Sam Falic noticed the issues consumers and brands were facing in the world of wine and spirits, so launched to provide transparency, authenticity, quality assurance and storage. BlockBar’s proprietary platform allows consumers to purchase asset backed NFTs directly from the brand owners themselves. Consumers are able to transact directly with the brands and no longer have to worry about authenticity or storage. The physical bottles are stored in a secure facility in Singapore with 24/7 security, motion sensors, and temperature control. Buyers can pay for products via Ethereum or fiat and have the option to burn the NFT to redeem the physical product, resell the product through the marketplace, keep it in their bar or gift through the platform.

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